Pendle Hill, Lancashire, England.

My old  home, the setting for my WiP The Ravenholme Portal

Welcome. My name is Vivra. I'm an award-winning author and artist. I invite you to get to know me through these pages. I hope posts in my BLOG will make you smile (maybe even giggle.) If you read my BIO first, you'll see what makes me say the things I say and feel the way I do. So, jump right in--Blog or Bio--then look at CREATING to check out my writing and what I create.

My BLOG--an ongoing venting of feelings, good and bad; Pet Peeves and Opinions.

Then check out my BIO about me--the Author, the Artist, where I come from, am now, and where I'd like to be.

Then go to CREATING--What I write, what I paint and about my works-in-progress. Here learn more about PendleHill (pictured left) and my Work-in-Progress, The Ravenholme Portal. 

CONTACT--obviously, how you can contact me, and I might list my favorite contacts on that page, as well.


COME ON IN--and as they say here in South USA, "Come in, sit a spell and don't be a stranger."


A favorite quote (this will change periodically)...

"The mind is like a parachute--it only works when it is open"

Attributed to Frank Zappa, among others






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